2011-04-03 15:46:41 by Tsukasa-Hiiragi

Just because we put [L*] in the movie title doesn't mean we're a spam group. We still submit legit movies.

So please stop changing the movie genre. Thanks.



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2011-04-03 15:52:54

Nope, you are a spam group.
I'm going to change the genres to the proper genre, spam. :)


2011-04-03 15:57:27

All of your submissions barely have any effort in them.

Tsukasa-Hiiragi responds:

Some of our movies are better than the other crap that passes through the portal. Which really isn't saying much but an example of a spam movie would be a short loop or something with a title such as "Gay hitler SexXXX" or something. We're a flash group. Not a spam group.


2011-04-15 07:19:21

While I do agree there could be more done on a lot of the videos, there does seem to be an honest attempt at trying to make something here, I could be wrong, but it just doesn't seem to me like they are trying to spam.

Please keep making videos but just try to put a little more effort in to it so your group doesn't get accused of being a spam group when I believe they aren't one.